Robin Swift, Carol Malinski, and Art Barter

Gain insight on how Art Barter exercises the Nine Behaviors of a Servant Leader throughout his day. As Art lays out, it is important for servant leaders to look for opportunities throughout their day to serve first, build trust, live their values, listen to understand, think about their thinking, add value to others, demonstrate courage, increase their influence, and live their transformation. 

Stephen M.R. Covey and Art Barter

World-renowned trust expert and author Stephen M.R. Covey and SLI Founder and CEO Art Barter discuss the relationship between trust and servant leadership, and the importance of building and maintaining a strong sense of trust in your organization. Prepare to take copious notes during this podcast. 

Kelly Cardenas and Art Barter

Art Barter sits down with Kelly Cardenas to have a conversation about the impact servant leadership has had in their lives. They share stories and explain the importance of leading with purpose. We hope you enjoy!

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An excerpt from the book The Art of Servant Leadership II by Art Barter on managing people. The Art of Servant Leadership II instructs modern business leaders on how to transform their businesses to servant-led organizations that prioritize integrity over profitability and never-ending quests to accumulate power.

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 Art believes that everybody is a leader, because everybody influences  someone. The flow of information coming into our heads is so massive  that the feeling to serve is no longer natural. In today’s world, we  need to help bring out the desire to help people. 


 Author and Leadership Expert Art Barter has successfully implemented  servant leadership in his company and has raised their revenue by 2000%  as well as created relationships with consumers that blow competitors  out of the water. He reviews this process in his latest book, The Art of  Servant Leadership II: How You Get Results Is More Important Than the  Results Themselves.  

Logo for Tax Advisor & Biz Coach Success Podcast with Liz Soria

The part of podcasting that host Liz Soria loves the most is being able to meet savvy professionals and learn from them.  This episode is incredibly amazing ! Listen as Liz talks with Art Bater about servant Leadership. Learn tips on how to serve others and the rest will follow. 

Image of Scott McCarthy, host of Moving Forward Leadership podcast

Servant leadership is a hot topic as of late but the ideology is not  truly new. Essentially, servant leaders place their people and  organizations first and themselves last. When Scott McCarthy learned about Art Barter, he knew he had  to have him on to talk about this absolutely crucial topic. 

logo for Engage for Success radio show

Radio hos Jo Dodds helps business owners and leaders ensure their own wellbeing and that of their employees through engaging them and helping them with their personal productivity, whether that be physical, mental or digital! She chats with Art Barter about The Art of Servant Leadership II.

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Art speaks with SmartLinx host, Darcy Grabenstein,  on a podcast entitled "Flip the Org Chart on Its Head with Servant Leadership".  SmartLinx's podcasts are devoted to overcoming the daily challenges of workforce management. From  employee engagement and staffing to scheduling and compliance. 


The best way to learn how to change the world with a business that  matters is from game-changing entrepreneurs that already are. Listen in  as Adam Force talks with Art Barter  to bring you their strategies and insights for success.


Art Barter discusses "The Future of Leadership, Servant Leadership Versus Power Leadership" with ManTalks host, Connor Beaton. ManTalks is an organization that exists to develop self-aware, high-performing, and impactful men in the world. Get clarity and support on what you want in life and how to achieve it.

site logo with profile photo of speaker, Art Barter.

Host, Matthew Rodela, talks about the concept of servant leadership with Art Barter, founder of the Servant Leadership Institute. What is servant leadership, and how can it help you build a more successful business? Learn about leading from the heart and how taking a real interest in your employees is the key to being respected as a leader.  Plus, you’ll learn how to apply this concept even if you have no employees.

View of earth from space with an image of a brain, left 1/2 gray and right 1/2 multicolored.

Our 21st Century world is changing fast. Humans 2.0 is about embracing and truly understanding what you know is inside you deep down. This podcast is a one-stop shop for all of your technological self-development needs. Mark Metry, host of Human 2.0, speaks with Art Barter about the power of serving your team. 

Art Barter, CEO of the Servant Leadership Institute and Datron World Communications.

The Servant Leadership Institute celebrates the launch of a new book called The Art of Servant Leadership II written by founder and CEO, Art Barter.  Listen to Art explain some of the material presented in his new book.  Hosted by Weaving Influence, this podcast is packed with leadership wisdom from a man who has successfully implemented servant leadership and built thriving organizations focused on serving others first.


Art Barter loves caring for people, inspiring people, and equipping  people. Out of that comes stories—and he loves stories. In this interview, host John Vonhof talks with Art about his journey as he learned about servant leadership, how he implemented it at Datron,  and then how he decided to write three books about it. 

Rise Up Radio logo

Host James Carmody shares the stories of servant leaders who are rising up and making a difference. Listen as he interviews servant leader Art Barter.


Art shares the process behind assuring everyone in the organization understands where the company is going and how they are going to get there.  Drawing from his new book, The Art of Servant Leadership II, Art entertains and informs on the vital subject of communication and alignment as a servant leader.  

Headshot of speakers Art Barter and Sheila Sutherland with the title of the podcast

Leadership. It's a term that we hear often, but do we really know what it means. Do you know what kind of leader you are or would like to be? 

Another term I have been hearing a lot lately is Servant Leadership. What is it, how does it differ from the traditional model of leadership? Why should we be taking notice of it? Our amazing podcast guest is here today to answer those questions such as "what is leadership" and show us the art of Servant Leadership.  

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Listen as Art Barter, CEO and founder of the Servant Leadership Institute, explains how his finance career path took a detour to the CEO office of Datron Communications as he chats with Jack Sweeney, co-host of CFO THOUGHT LEADER. 

Leadership expert, Ken Blanchard

For this episode, we wanted to go back to a conference conversation between SLI Founder and CEO Art Barter and Ken Blanchard.  The leadership knowledge both of these men have is vast and to have them together….. Fireworks!!  We hope you enjoy this episode! 

Businessman buttoning suit jacket with the text Leadership And Loyalty Podcast, season 6

Art Barter joins Dov Baron, host of the Leadership And Loyalty Podcast and author of Full Monty Leadership as they discuss how you can develop servant leaders within your organization in just 18 weeks

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The Transformational Behaviors of a Servant Leader: What does it mean to be a servant leader? And why does it matter? How can it make a difference in the way you live your day-to-day life as a leader? How can it transform the lives of others? As the owner and Cultural Architect of Datron World Communications, Inc., Art Barter turned a $10 million company into a $200 million dollar company in just six years.  

Photo of Kathy West, Executive Director of the San Diego Epilepsy Foundation

Art Barter sits down with  one of his personal heroes, Kathy West of the Epilepsy Foundation.  Through the conversation, they address how to help others and lead courageously through life's struggles.  Art has dealt with epilepsy all of his life and recounts how important Kathy has been in his life.  Kathy is a true servant leader that affects hundreds of people's lives affected by epilepsy.