Words To Avoid

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I’ll try, I don’t care and just do it — these are words and phrases people-focused leaders should never use. When you eliminate them from your leadership language, you and those around you will be changed for good and your results will exceed expectations.

Building A Servant-Led Culture

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 Culture — every organization has one. Is your culture thriving? Do  people feel like they can make worthwhile contributions and others have  their backs? Are people happy to come through the door each day?  

Ten Signs of Absurd Leadership

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Absurd leaders are unreasonable, so unreasonable that the organization doesn’t take them seriously. They lead in organizations where fear is the motivator to behave the same way the leader does. Consider these 10 ideas describing absurd leaders in today’s world.

The Journey

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IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU. That’s where servant leadership begins. Success is  based on your influence in the marketplace and those you help. Or  rather, it is significance over success. This is a very different  mindset from a power-leadership model. And it takes time because we are predisposed to lead from a power mindset

Leadership Small Groups

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In my journey of transforming a corporate culture to one that is servant-led, I’ve learned the value of leadership small groups. The purpose of leadership small groups is to create a safe environment for leaders to discuss the challenges they are having in changing the culture.

Seven Lessons Learned

Winding road

We are servant  leaders, focused on how we get the results, not the results themselves. I  learned during the first several years of the project that culture  change takes on a life of its own and isn’t a smooth, forward moving  process. Here are several lessons learned from our journey over the past  14 years. 

Developing These 5 Team Skills

When employees truly care about their customers, co-workers, and the company's overall mission, that attitude will show  in the bottom line. The best way to develop empathetic employees is to lead by example. 

How Can Leaders Best Serve?

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John Wooden, former coach of the UCLA Bruins, told leaders to “make each day your masterpiece.” I love that! We as leaders need to take that same approach. As you know from some of my previous articles, I’m a firm believer in servant leadership. 

2018 Top Thought Leader

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For the second year in a row, Art Barter has been named "Top Thought Leader" by Trust Across America. Art is routinely sought after to share his insights into instilling trust within an organization. As the President & CEO of Datron World Communications, Art has build the company’s culture to a high trust environment. 

Servant Leadership and Command Decisions

When you make what I call a command decision and tell your team what they are going to do to move forward, it is important that you take the time to explain why you are making the decision. 

Staying True To Your Core During Hard Times

Two pencils with the text "your core values must stay intact."

When you have times of challenge, don’t shy away from your core values. Don’t compromise your values in order to obtain or retain business. Your core values must stay intact. Core values are more important to the vitality of the company than any financial goals. 

CEOs Celebrate Holidays By Giving To Those In Need

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Employees, including CEO Art Barter, are busy packing hygiene kits for homeless men in a local program. The company also adopts a struggling family each year, and employees donate gifts and gifts cards to help it through the holiday season.